Faraj Abbo Al Numan

Faraj Abbo was born in Musul – Iraq on the 21st of November 1921.His talent appeared since his early childhood, and some of his early paintings and sculptures decorated some of Musul’s old churches such as “Mar Eshaia” in 1936.

  • His start was in literature and theatre as well as Fine Arts, and he had some productions in theatrical Arts such as composing, directing, and decorating.
  • He finished his primary and intermediate school in Musul, and completed his secondary school in Baghdad 1939 – at Al Markazyia High school.
  • Joined the Friends of Art Committee in Baghdad 1941.
  • Taught Art at Al Hilah High School in Al Hilah - Iraq, as well as the Teachers Centre in Baquba until 1945.
  • Completed his Bachelor degree at the College of Fine Arts – Painting Department in Cairo – Egypt 1950.
  • Went to Rome to continue his post graduate, and got the highest certificate in Art from the Academy of Fine Arts /Painting department in 1954 with the highest degree of honour.
  • Returned to Baghdad and taught drawing in the Institute of Fine Arts, afterwards in the Academy of Fine Arts – Baghdad University, which he was one of the founders and establishers of it.

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